Annual Giving 2021-2022


This is a time for pilgrimages – Pope Francis

Dear friends, 

We have all been sifted by the pandemic – pulled, shaken, and challenged – and it is clear we are now part of a different world. This is a time to see new horizons, open doors and windows and move out beyond what was toward what is now and what will be. This is a time for pilgrimage.  

Master Ignatius referred to himself as "the pilgrim," so ISI embraces the invitation to transcend what was before and move toward the next good thing. We want to be part of this world that is now different and now rising.  

Women and men from across the United States and around the world seek out the ministry of ISI. We support prayer, offer experience of the Spiritual Exercises, and deepen the understanding and integration of Ignatian spirituality. We continue to develop programs, workshops, and retreats, both online and in person to carry out our ministry in a changing world. 

But the use of new technologies has created more demand, which places a strain on our limited resources. In short, because we are helping more people, we need more people to help. 

ISI does not receive financial support from the UCS Province or Montserrat Retreat House. The extent of what we are able to do depends entirely on the financial support we receive from you.

Can you help us continue this pilgrimage? Will you help us hand on the fire of Ignatian Spirituality? Every gift supports and expands the ministry of ISI.
For more information on our ministry and financial status, visit here.  


Thank you for your generous consideration. May you and yours always stand on holy ground and look with hope toward the horizons God’s love reveals.


Sheila DeSantis, ISI Board Chair
Carol Atwell Ackels, ISI Director
and the ISI Board 
Henry Ackels
Fr Mike Chesney, SJ
Fr Francis 'Billy' Huete, SJ
Cyndy Mathews
Fr Anthony Rauschuber, SJ
Mary Katherine Simion
Terri Stine
Rachel Triska
Roberta Ward

Let us go out open to new horizons – look at the eyes, faces, hands, and needs of those around us; and in this way find, too, our own faces, our own hands full of possibilities. – Pope Francis