Annual Giving: Seeing all things new in Christ...

Shalom! Peace be with you! This year the Ignatian Spirituality Institute broadened our horizons and sharpened our vision. Responding to the invitation to see all things new in Christ, we see everything and everyone with new eyes.

Women and men--both laity and religious--keep coming to ISI for more: more prayer, more understanding, more life, more faith. ISI has responded first by listening which resulted in offering retreats, days of reflection, and spiritual direction. Our ongoing programs include classes in Ignatian spirituality, spiritual formation for companions of the Spiritual Exercises, and workshops supporting other active Ignatian ministries. This new vision brought to life an Ignatian spirituality conference, which gathered internationally known speakers with collaborators in the Ignatian mission.

ISI is built by the generosity of hearts on fire. We have always fashioned our ministry for what we see as authentic service. But often, the math doesn’t work. We don’t have the means to fund all of our great programs, and we find ourselves again in need of your support. The Lord has enabled us to accomplish much with very little. We could do more with more.

We see on the horizon, and already today, a growing demand for ISI’s ministry. It is imperative that we increase ISI’s financial resources. We must be able to reasonably support our skeletal staff and the program facilitators who do the work of ISI’s ministry. We must expand availability of what we offer to laity and religious with limited means. We must have financial resources to fund facility rental, operational needs, and technical capacities.

The scope of ISI’s desire and competence to serve is expanding outward as we find within us a renewed enthusiasm. We need you, our friends, to come with us. We treasure the support you give with our deepest gratitude and prayers. We also promise to discern well, work hard, and love God and His people because we know that is what you hope in ISI. Can we rely on your support? Make your donation today here! It means more than you can know.

God’s blessings to you and yours, now and always.


Words from the heart...

Over the past year, ISI matched 125 people with spiritual directors; guided over 200 in Ignatian retreats; offered classes, workshops, and ongoing formation to nearly 110 spiritual directors; and sponsored an Ignatian Spirituality Conference where 120 lay and Jesuits came together in community to close the Ignatian Year. Still, the apostolic work of ISI is not about numbers. It is about people. We do not merely gather data, we gather names and faces, hearts and minds, from places throughout the United States and beyond. Here is what a few have told us about ISI’s ministry...

...“The design, the flow, the preparation and delivery were unlike anything I’ve ever been exposed to. I’ve spent my adult life in business, teaching, developing events for corporate executives, running conferences and business workshops. But I have never experienced anything like ISI’s offering.” - Meg

... “Thank you for this retreat. I know Jesus in a new way. I expect this retreat and your guidance to bear fruit for a long time. I will remember ISI in my prayers.” - Gabriel, SJ

...“Your presenters share deep knowledge and evident love of scripture. I found the practical directness and sense of humor helped me relax and opened me to new possibilities in prayer (and my relationships!) You at ISI have a fire in the belly, and best of all you share it with us!” - Sharon

...“I have a Ph.D. in anthropology and have taught at university for years. Sadly, I’ve never considered the stories in scripture are stories of actual people. You’ve changed that for me. I’ve rediscovered a faith and a God that is among people, and in me I think. Thank you.” - John

...“I had the privilege of experiencing your wisdom, kindness, graciousness and teaching when I participated in the recent workshop with you and Fr. Tetlow. It was wonderful and just what I needed.” - Kate

... “I want to thank you for the care and passion you bring to what you do. It was clear you prayed much, prepared long, and spoke to us with love. You gave us all you have to give - so thank you for the gift of your whole self. I trust ISI will continue the mission.” - Jeff

... “It was a great privilege and stimulus to be with you and all the members of the conference. Thank you also for your generosity at so many levels. There is a palpable sense of the Holy Spirit at work at ISI.” - James Hanvey, SJ


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