Companions of Grace

"as you aquire learning on the one hand and grow in fraternal charity on the other, you will become perfect instruments of God's grace, and collaborators in the sublime work of bringing God's creatures back to him." --St. Ignatius (letter 169, 1547)





  • ​Create a community and network of persons serving the Ignatian retreat and spiritual companioning ministries
  • Provide ongoing development and formation in these ministries
  • Provide opportunities for mentoring and peer-to-peer support and encouragement
  • Offer retreat and reflection opportunities for persons serving the ministry
  • Offer curated resources for growth, events, and retreat planning in the Ignatian tradition 

Membership is for persons

  • currently and actively serving as guide to others through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in group or individual retreat formats
  • trained in the Ignatian tradition of spiritual direction and are currently offering spiritual companioning to others in the Ignatian tradition

COG members will gather for meetings bimonthly online or location which will be announced.

  • topics in Ignatian Spirituality for ongoing formation and deepening understanding. Meetings will include teaching from experienced directors, Jesuit and lay, and opportunity for discussion and questions
  • check-in regarding self-care, director/directee gifts and challenges of relationship, and ongoing discernment of mission and ministry
  • opportunity for personal prayer and spiritual growth

Membership is $100 per year payable each September meeting. 



Contact ISI at 940-268-8788, or email here




Saturday, May.28, 2022