God of Surprises

God of surprises. I suppose we have become familiar with the term. Perhaps the term itself is an attempt to tame God a little. Still, I am surprised when God moves in unexpected ways. The Ignatian Spirituality Institute represents one of those unexpected movements.

Sometimes when we are going about doing what there is to be done - at work, in families, through vocations - God slips another invitation under the door. The invitation begins, "how about this?" and we are launched to wonder and imagine. Soon enough hope comes along and a group of good people come together, discovering similar desire and vision to serve and help God's people. And then we are suddenly exploring concrete matters to answer the who, what, and where questions.

We can be tempted to ignore or dismiss the invitations that slip into our lives. Thankfully, our God of surprises is also persistent...and patient. The intrigue and joy of God's surprises dismiss our hesitation, and quickly it seems, here we are: founding a new work. Like Ignatius, we pray - May the Lord fulfill the work already begun in us and grant abundant grace to know His will and entirely fulfill it.