guardian angels

A few days ago I celebrated Mass for the twenty or so men in our infirmary. The feast day was that of Guardian Angels.

The Old Testament is full of angels bringing messages and fighting off evil. For that matter, there are plenty angels in the story of Jesus and the early Church.

We all have stories about how our Guardian Angel saved us. In fact, I am inclined to think that maybe some of us keep more than one Guardian Angel busy. I could name names, but shouldn't on the web. I can at least say that if I judge by the number of times I have felt the angels' help, more than one is involved - thank You, Lord.

There was the time I came within a muscle twich of going over a rocky decline (well, a cliff, but I would have bounced down) and the time I had to walk close to him to pass a bear with his snout in the honey of a beehive - not a time to upset him. Like everyone else, there have been times in planes when only divine help got us through weather from Hell. 

So I admitted to the men in the infirmary that I'd neglected for some weeks (could it have been months?!) to call on my Guardian and say the prayer. So, of course, I reminded THEM to say it:

      Angel of God, my Guardian dear,

      to whom His love commits me here,

      ever this day be at my side

      to light and guard, to rule and guide.

From lots of peoples' experiences, I can tell you - they come. Praise the God whom they praise!