ISI Faculty and Staff

Carol Atwell Ackels

Carol is Director of the Ignatian Spirituality Institute. A spiritual director in the Ignatian tradition and Senior Ignatian Fellow of Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House, she serves as retreat director of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius in various formats. She offers weekend retreats, the Exercises in Everyday Life, and one-to-one directed retreats at Jesuit retreat houses across the United States.  Carol regularly gives programs and days of reflection to parish and Church groups. She launched and continues to give workshops to shape persons, Jesuits and lay, who are moving into retreat ministry and spiritual companioning in the Ignatian tradition. Appointed by the Provincial, Carol served six years on the bi-province Commission on Ministry--the group that discerns long-range planning for apostolic work of the Jesuits and their colleagues. Carol co-authored with Joe Tetlow, S.J. the twelve week Ignatian retreat Finding Christ in the World, and worked with Anthony Borrow, S.J. developing the Toward Greater Freedom retreat for parents at Jesuit College Prep of Dallas. Carol holds a J.D. from SMU Dedman School of Law, Dallas and a Master of Art in Theology and Leadership from Gonzaga University, Spokane. She and her husband reside in Dallas and are the parents of five adult children.

Susie Andrews

Susie experienced the Towards Greater Freedom retreat at Jesuit Dallas seven years ago and has served as a companion for groups in TGF and the 12-week retreat Finding Christ in the World since then. She made the 19th annotation of the Spiritual Exercises two years ago. She has attended various retreats and workshops at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House and classes at the Ignatian Spirituality Institute. She felt invited to enroll in ISI’s two-year curriculum to train companions to take others through the 19th Annotation retreat. Susie earned a Bachelor of Journalism and J.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and had careers with the Associated Press and a Dallas law firm before “retiring” to raise her two sons, now in their 20s. She and her husband David Andrews reside in Dallas. She enjoys laughter, jogging, PGA Tour golf and vacations in the Oregon Cascades.

Anthony Borrow, S.J.

Anthony is a Jesuit priest of the UCS Province. He completed his theological studies at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University. Since Anthony's ordination in 2010, he served as campus minister, school counselor and theology teacher at Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston, Texas. He also served as the Associate Pastor at Immaculate Conception Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is the author of Toward Greater Freedom, an adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Anthony has a Master of Arts in Counseling and Family Therapy from St. Louis University and has worked with gang members in Honduras and those incarcerated in prisons, jails, and detention centers. Anthony enjoys playing racquetball, cooking and promoting the use of open source software.

Billy Huete, S.J.

A native of New Orleans, Fr. Billy was the first-born of six sons. After graduating from Jesuit High School of New Orleans in 1970, he entered the Society of Jesus at Grand Coteau. He received his undergraduate degree from Spring Hill College, double-majoring in philosophy and English. He then taught English and geometry at Strake Jesuit in Houston for three years as a scholastic. He studied theology in Rome at the Gregorian University for three years, was ordained a priest in 1982, and followed up with one more year of theology studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After receiving his degree from Fordham University in Educational Administration, he was appointed principal of Strake Jesuit, a post he held for six years. From 1991 until 2008 he worked at the Jesuit Novitiate in Grand Coteau, first as the assistant to the Novice Director, and then as Director of Novices for thirteen years. Fr. Billy has served on the boards of Strake Jesuit, Jesuit College Prep of Dallas, and Cristo Rey Jesuit College Prep of Houston. Former rector of the Jesuit Community at Jesuit College Prep, Fr. Billy now teaches freshman theology at Jesuit New Orleans and serves as rector of the Loyola Jesuit Community. He enjoys movies, reading, and music.

Ann Lee

Ann was among the first classroom of  participants at ISI Ignatian Foundations course in January 2013. She made the Spiritual Exercises 19th Annotation retreat, and completed the ISI Spiritual Companioning program in December 2017. Ann has been a frequent flyer at Montserrat Retreat House in Dallas for 19 years. She has attended numerous preached retreats, couple retreats, Saturday morning reflections, and has made an 8-day directed retreat. 

Raised in the Lutheran church, Ann was confirmed a Catholic Christian in May 1977.  She has been married to Michael for over 40 years. They are blessed with three daughters, a son and two grandchildren.  Ann holds a MA in Speech Pathology from the Ohio State University.  She worked many years in public schools where her focus was language development with children challenged by autism. 
Over the years, Ann has been involved in youth ministry, confirmation programming, adult formation, RCIA, scripture study, marriage and engaged encounter, and centering prayer.  Ann has facilitated small groups using the Finding Christ in the World Ignatian Retreat, and is currently guiding the 19th annotation of the Spiritual Exercises. 

Barb Mack

Barb holds a Bachelor of Science Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing degrees. Barb teaches yoga, speech, and exercise classes to Parkinson’s patients and others with movement disorders, and tutors middle- and high school-age students in vocabulary and language arts.  Barb has served on the Greenhill School Board and numerous school committees. Her initial Ignatian experience was the Toward Greater Freedom retreat at Jesuit Dallas six years ago. Since that time she has served as a companion in TGF, and has participated in various retreats and workshops at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House. Barb made the 19th annotation of the Spiritual Exercises four years ago. She is now helping form other companions serving the TGF retreat at Jesuit Dallas. Barb is married to Dr. Michael Mack and they are the parents of five adult children.

Mary Mahaffey

Mary Mahaffey is a native of Dallas, Texas, where she was raised by her parents 

and five other Mahaffey children. In her life, she seeks to fulfill God's will by working as a Special Education teacher and devoting time outside the classroom to the ministry of the Church. Mary has experience with Youth and Young Adult Ministry and has completed formation as a Spiritual Companion at the Ignation Spirituality Institute.  Mary draws on her lived encounters with mercy, compassion, forgiveness and healing; and hopes to share these encounters with each of you as her beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.

Cyndy Mathews

After working many years in the area of human resources and employee benefits, Cyndy retired from the corporate world and found herself more involved in the Church and ministry. Cyndy holds a Bachelor of Science degree and completed the Univ. of Dallas Catholic Biblical School in 2006.  In 2010, she completed a three year program in spiritual direction from Our Lady of Divine Providence School of Spirituality, in association with Franciscan University, Steubenville, OH.  As part of that program, Cyndy made the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises and felt invited to step deeper into Ignatian spirituality. Today, she serves as an area spiritual director and facilitates Ignatian prayer and faith-sharing groups, as well as takes others through the 19th Annotation retreat.  Cyndy has attended retreats at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House for several years, as well as retreat workshops and the Ignatian Foundations program led by Father Joe Tetlow, SJ. Cyndy has served as spiritual director for JVC retreats, and for individual five and eight day retreats at Montserrat. She and her husband, Jack, are the parents of adult sons.

Elizabeth (Liz) Moulin

Elizabeth (Liz) Moulin is a Spiritual Director, a Retreat Director at Montserrat, a Supervisor for Spiritual Directors and trains retreat and spiritual directors. She is on the staff of SMU’s Perkins School of Theology, where she trains spiritual directors in their Spiritual Directors Certification Program.  Liz is also a Court Appointed Expert for the Dallas Diocese Marriage Tribunal.  A Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and an Educational Diagnostician, Liz has been in private practice since August, 1986. Prior to becoming a therapist she taught in private and public schools for 10 years.  She has been a public speaker, workshop, and seminar leader for the past 40 years.  Liz holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education/Special Education with endorsements in Early Childhood, Kindergarten, Language and/or Learning Disabilities with a minor in Sociology; a Master of Education Degree with an endorsement as an Education Diagnostician and Supervisor; and a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling and Guidance from Texas Woman’s University.  She  has trained therapists to be supervisors.   On a personal note, Liz has been married to Bob for 60 years, has 4 children and their spouses, 7 grandchildren (four spouses), three  great-granddaughters, and will have a great- grandson in July – all just the greatest!

Stephen Pitts, S.J.

Stephen is a Jesuit priest of the UCS province. Stephen was born in New Orleans, LA and grew up in Memphis, TN.  Before entering the Jesuits, he studied math and computer science at the University of Oklahoma, and spent a year abroad at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan. During his college years, Stephen worked as part of the campus ministry staff of St. Thomas More parish in Norman, OK. Stephen completed his regency formation at Jesuit College Prep, where he taught math and served as chaplain to the wrestling team, crew team, and robotics club. Stephen made the thirty day Spiritual Exercises as a novice and has made an eight-day retreat every year since. During first studies at Loyola University Chicago, Stephen participated in a yearlong practicum on Spiritual Direction in the Ignatian Tradition. He has assisted with individually directed retreats and the yearlong 19th annotation program through Loyola Chicago’s Office of Campus Ministry. Stephen completed a practicum at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House in giving preached retreats, and has given several retreats since then at Montserrat and Chicago, New Orleans, and other locations. Stephen has also helped with the Toward Greater Freedom retreat at Jesuit Dallas and the faculty 19th Annotation retreat there. Currently, Stephen is in final studies at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara at Berkeley.