Do you desire to know God?

Not just know about God, but know God? This retreat begins in your yearning to know and love God better, to know more clearly where you are, and have a real love of Jesus Christ.

Is this you?

Many people have a sense that they want something different in their faith. They are not sure what this means but they have a desire for a clearer, perhaps deeper, relationship with God the Lord. ​At least part of the issue is that they feel they are doing all the work. They working truly hard to make this faith thing happen---attending Mass, praying the prayers of the Church, participating in bible studies and faith formation groups, volunteering constantly, and giving generously. Yet, often enough, they don't know why they are doing it. And more, they aren't gaining what they want from doing it. There is little recognition that God is at work in them and in their lifeworld. They still don't feel God or know God in the way they want to know God. You may recognize these feelings and yearnings. If so, Finding Christ in the World is a retreat for you.

The retreat for you

Finding Christ in the World is a prayer experience, rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. The retreat is meant to invite you to see where and how God concretely breaks into your daily life-- where you are and how you are. It is a serious retreat but far from dull. In a culture that focuses on the individual, in this retreat we embrace a conversion of heart and change our focus to God-and-me-and-us. We embrace the mature conviction that God is continually, moment by moment, creating me and others out of chaos. The retreat is an adventure of finding out what I am really doing, and of experiencing God and what our Creator and Lord is doing in me, in us, and among us.  

​The retreat moves through twelve themes for prayer. You pray each day with a given scripture passage. Brief notes invite to prayer and consideration. Some days there are prompts to apply your prayer to daily living. You pray on your own daily and meet with a group once each week to share and explore your experience of the prayer. The group talks about the intersections of prayer and daily living. This ignatian retreat is twelve weeks in duration. If you want a little more info here is more: FAQs. Meet the authors here.

The Finding Christ in the World retreat book may be purchased through the Boston College Institute of Jesuit Sources here.