Forgiveness and Forgiving


In his Apostolic Exhortation Rejoice and Be Glad, Pope Francis writes, “Mercy has two aspects, it involves giving, helping and serving others, but it also includes forgiveness and understanding.” Mercy is, therefore, always on the move - given and received, received and given.

Jesus words to the paralytic "Your sins are forgiven" have transformative effect. Do they not also transform us when we hear them? The experience of being forgiven enables and increases our capacity to forgive others, as Jesus also said we are to "forgive your brother or sister from your heart." 

But how do we go about opening our hearts to forgive?  We understand that God is forgiving and merciful, and we have a great desire to do the same. The course will explore our experience of being forgiven and how it supports the process of our forgiving others from the heart.   

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Course Facilitators:
Sheila DeSantis

Sheila is an Ignatian spiritual and retreat director. She helps others make the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday life, as well as serving as companion for the Toward Greater Freedom retreat at Jesuit College Prep in Dallas, and Finding Christ in the World retreat in various parishes and churches. She has continued serving the retreats for many years while also helping form and train new Companions. Sheila is also the Chair of the ISI Board of Directors. Sheila was in the first group to make both the Toward Greater Freedom retreat and the Finding Christ in the WorldRetreats. She participates in days of reflection and retreats at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House including both personal and couples retreats, and numerous ISI workshops.  Sheila made the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday life and completed the ISI Spiritual Companioning program in 2015.  Sheila is an architect, and enjoys traveling, viewing art, and painting.  She and her husband live in Dallas and have two adult children. 

MK Simion

MK began her Ignatian journey with the Toward Greater Freedom retreat at Jesuit Dallas in 2008. Soon after her initial experience she continued her journey by making the 19thAnnotation of the Spiritual Exercises. She served as the director of the TGF retreat for Jesuit parents and continues to serve as a companion for groups making the Spiritual Exercises in everyday life in various parishes and churches in the Dallas area as well as working one on one as a spiritual director. MK is married to Steve Simion and they are the parents of four grown children.

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