Ignatian Foundations Course Catalog

The Ignatian Spirituality Institute regularly offers the following course themes as part of Ignatian Foundations. Courses are offered at Montserrat Retreat House and at local parishes and churches. The course schedules can be found on the ISI Calendar, and upcoming courses are always listed on the homepage. Contact ISI if you would like for ISI to offer a course at your parish or church.

Igniting the Fire: Principles in Ignatian Spirituality

Igniting the Fire is a series of presentations on foundational principles of Ignatian Spirituality. The series is typically offered by different presenters and explores key aspects of Ignatian spirituality, including the manner Master Ignatius original perspective, development through the years, and our understanding today.

Ignatian Ways of Prayer and Praying

In the Spiritual Exercises, Master Ignatius invites persons to prayer using different frames and structures for praying. Prayer, as Ignatius knew, leads to deeper intimacy and ongoing relationship with God Our Lord. These course sessions explore ways of praying in an Ignatian manner. The sessions will also explore the practice of Ignatian noting of prayer, the recording of what happened and why it matters in daily life. The goal of the ISI courses on prayer and praying is to help participants deepen their own prayer experience, identify their desires and movements in prayer, find out why it matters in their daily life, and better understand how to live out of a life of prayer. 

The Examen

St. Ignatius of Loyola believed the Examen prayer should be the most important fifteen minutes of a person's day, every day. The Examen is purposefully short and is prayed when most convenient in a person's day. The ISI course on The Examen explores purposes and benefits of developing this important prayer habit, and offers the practice of doing it. 

Discernment of Spirits

Master Ignatius opened an understanding to what happenes in prayer and life. What are the invitations and distractions we experience and what might we learn from the experiences we note? The ISI courses on discernment of spirits unpack the experiences of consolation and desolation, as well as the causes and meaning of both.

Meet Master Ignatius and the Jesuit Saints

St Ignatius life and thought is the foundation of Ignatian spirituality and many Jesuit saints have handed on this spirituality into our present day. ISI offers courses to introduce Master Ignatius and his companions through the years. The courses follow the experiences of these Saints and why those experiences remain important to us today who are now passing on Ignatian spirituality to others. 

Discernment in everyday life

Pope Francis urges us to pay attention to the three languages of daily living: head, heart, and hands.  "The Gospel offers us a serene way forward: using the three languages of the mind, heart and hands – and to use them in harmony. What you think, you must feel and put into effect. Your information comes down to your heart and you put  it into practice. What you think, you feel and you do. Feel what you think and feel what you do. Do what you think and what you feel." Discernment in everyday life explores the manner of living out a mindset and heartset as follower and friend of Jesus Christ in the thousands of decisions we make everyday. 

Virtues in the Spiritual Exercises

"For just as taking a walk, journeying on foot, and running are bodily exercises, so we call Spiritual Exercises every way of perparing and disposing the soul to rid itself of all indordinate attachments, and, after their removal, of seeking and finding the will of God in the disposition of our life for the salvation of our soul." SpEx 1. ISI offers courses to help promote the growth of virtue in daily living. Virtue that rids of bad habits and promote good ones, so we are able to find God in all things. 

Spiritual Maturity

The Spiritual Exercises lead a person to freedom in life and faith. Spiritual maturity explores how that freedom is lived out in the mature disciple. The course explores how the mature disciple stands in the chaos of our days, the push and pulls of life, and transforms the chaos and tension rather than transmit it.

Finding Christ in the world

This twelve week ignatian retreat in daily life is offered to small groups in parishes, churches, and at Montserrat. Participants pray daily with given materials and meet weekly in small groups to discover what happened in life and prayer. ISI brings companions and guides who meet with the small groups to support, encourage, and help the journey.