Psalm of the Pilgrim

For my psalms class, we had to write our own Psalm. After a particularly trying day, I wrote this Psalm. Like a good Jesuit, I can't help but include the themes of pilgrimage and gratitude. I think it fits perfectly with this season of traveling for Thanksgiving.

This morning I come before you naked and vulnerable,

            anxious about the road ahead.

Yesterday’s graces have disappeared into the night,

            and tomorrow seems but a distant dream.

I feel ever more deeply the fragility of my world,

            the tentative nature of all of my desires.

Yet you have promised to accompany me this day,

            and I struggle to trust in that promise.


Doubt courses through my veins,

            as I wonder whether I have been bold or foolhardy.

Fear too comes when I imagine my path unfold,

            what have I gotten myself into?

Your presence emerges in the midst of my anxiety,

            as fog lifts from a landscape.

I will accompany you on your journey,

            a soft voice whispers in the stillness.


I rise and begin the work of the day,

            still hesitant and unsure of myself.

The things I fear succeed in spite of me,

            signs of your providence that goes before me.

Even more, you send surprises,

            things that shatter my meager expectations.

I stand back in awe and wonder,

            aware once again of the marvels of grace.


Now as I sit here in the evening dark,

            soft light illumines my day.

I struggle to make sense of it all,

            how could I have been so blind?

The spiritual life is not about understanding,

            you say to me with a coy smile.

Your heart has been stretched a little more today,

            near-bursting with gratitude.