The Sacred Heart of Jesus

All of the prayers assigned to the liturgy – the Eucharist and the breviary – on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus focus on the Christ. The focus makes good sense, since we are trying to remember that God’s love is so infinite as to be unimaginable and so intimate as to be unbearable without the Spirit’s help.
On the other hand, the focus on the Heart is meant to make sure we know that Jesus is not only the Christ but is also of Nazareth. He was born of His lady Mother and held by the one she called “your father,” Joseph son of David.
At one time, the tenderness and delicacy of the Sacred Heart was felt by everyone who was devoted to Him. The saccharine holy card pictures we might find not all that moving today did not appear in the eyes of our grandparents saccharine at all, but just tender and delicate. But now, we have let the high theology of the prayers of the Eucharist and the breviary take away the intimate feeling that, in other contexts, the image of a heart raises in us.
Remember how Jesus spontaneously went over to the widow in Nain, stopped the men carrying the body of her only son, and said to her, “Don’t cry.” Remember how he looked at the rich young man who was so fervent, intently, and loved him. And remember that the first person Jesus went to when He came alive again in His flesh was His mother. And the next was the reformed woman of ill repute. Then He went to the ones whom He had chosen, the ones whom the Father had given Him.
And now He’s waiting for the rest of His disciples.