Same way, same total way

This is how Jesus begins His prayer to the Father:  "Father, the hour has come."

In John, Chapter 17 is a long prayer and it helped me when I was praying through it to recall that men stood in the synagogue or temple and talked out loud. Remember the Pharisee who told God and everyone standing around that "I am not like other men." And the poor sinner standing int he back saying - probably mumbling - "Be merciful to me, God, a sinner."  They prayed out loud, so John and others heard Jesus talking to the Father.

What strikes you about the prayer is how tender it is. He tells the Father things that we say to each other when we are deeply in love and committed. "All I have is yours and all you have is mine." And He thanks the Father because the Father has given Him disciples. Us.

The reason John wrote this down is that he was convinced Jesus meant us to hear it. He knew that we would need to hear Jesus tell the Father that the little given Him to do, He did. "I have glorified you on earth by finishing the work that you gave me to do."

I wondered about what "glorified" meant. And the only thing I could figure out is that it meant that God's whole Being is expressed in the cosmos - our galaxy - this earth - humankind - and in the good things each single one of us does. It's what Irenaeus meant when he preached that "the glory of God is a human person fully alive." Wow.

And then I heard Jesus say that as the Father loves Him, so He loves us. Same way, same total way. "And for their sake, I dedicate myself to you, so that they may be dedicated to you in truth."

No wonder we go around singing Jubilate Deo! as Paul told Thessalonians, always be joyful. We can manage that. Amen!