May 14 & May 24, 2022

Our hearts are broken, our heads bent, our hands feel helpless. We weep, we lament, we beg forgiveness. 

We say the names of adults murdered at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY on

  • Roberta A. Drury, 32, of Buffalo
  • Margus D. Morrison, 52, of Buffalo
  • Andre Mackniel, 53, of Auburn, New York
  • Aaron Salter, 55, of Lockport, New York
  • Geraldine Talley, 62, of Buffalo
  • Celestine Chaney, 65, of Buffalo
  • Heyward Patterson, 67, of Buffalo
  • Katherine Massey, 72, of Buffalo
  • Pearl Young, 77, of Buffalo
  • Ruth Whitfield, 86, of Buffalo

We say the names of children and adults massacred at school in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. 

  • Alexander Aniyah Rubio, age 10
  • Alithia Ramirez, age 10
  • Amerie Jo Garza, age 10
  • Annabelle Guadalupe Rodriguez, age 10
  • Eliahana Cruz Torres, age 10
  • Eliana "Ellie" Garcia, age 9
  • Eva Mireles, teacher, age 44
  • Irma Garcia, teacher
  • Jackie Cazares, age 10
  • Jailah Nicole Silguero, age 10
  • Jayce Luevanos, age 10
  • Jose Flores, age 10
  • Layla Salazar, age 10
  • Makenna Lee Elrod, age 10
  • Maite Rodriguez, age 10
  • Miranda Mathis, age 11
  • Neveah Bravo, age 9
  • Rojelio Torres, age 10
  • Tess Marie Mata, age 10
  • Uziyah Garcia, age 8
  • Xavier Lopez, age 10



Thank you for your interest in Ignatian spiritual direction. The Ignatian Spirituality Institute is privileged to work with several Ignatian spiritual companions in the North Texas area. Through our application and interview processes, we are sometimes able to help seekers and directors find one another.

In Ignatian terms, We understand spiritual direction to mean helping one another discover and follow the path that directs us every deeper into relationship with Jesus Christ. We look for, and listen for, a Creator God laboring in love for each person and all of us together. We watch the intersections of life and faith and note our own experiences of the Lord in every day life.  You can find more information about the Ignatian tradition of spiritual direction here.

The work of spiritual direction is to accompany you on your spiritual journey through spiritual conversations with persons formed and living in the Ignatian tradition of the Church. The Ignatian directors with whom we work are excellent listeners able help you reflect on your experience of God in prayer and everyday life.

If you are looking for an Ignatian spiritual director, let us know by clicking the button below and filling out the brief form. Once you have submitted the form, we will contact you via phone to explore further your hopes and the possibility of ISI helping you find a director in the North Texas area. Please allow about two weeks for us to respond.

Please remember our ability to match you with a director is dependent on your needs and the availability of our directors. ISI is not able to guarantee that an Ignatian spiritual director is available in your area, but we are open to exploring possibilities with you.

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