Try to Remember

The Church tries to remember in early September the Cross of Jesus and the sufferings of the Lady Mary. These are dense mysteries directly related to the dense mystery of the sufferings we go through. St. Paul told the Romans, We are reconciled to God by the death of his Son.” (5:10)

This names the core of the mystery. What Jesus did is a thing that anyone of us must do who believes in his or her heart that God is the Creator and Master of all things. We have to go through sufferings – they will be the same sufferings as the pagans’ – that are a mystery to us, trusting God in obedience to our call.

Jesus obeyed His Father, even giving over His own self to destruction. He had utter conviction that He was given a mission by the Father and saw that mission leading to the Cross. We know that there are things that I must do: marry this person, follow this career, move to somewhere else. They often lead to a tangle of confused suffering and we are tried as Jesus was tried.

His total trust in the love of the Father is what saves us. He took into that destruction of His human life on earth all of our lives – all of human life on earth, because He is not only Jesus of Nazareth but also God the Son.

And He rose again into life on this earth, but now a life that is made new. His risen life is the beginning of glory; He is the first born in the King of God.

But on the Cross, He had to trust the love of the Father – and the wisdom of the Spirit – and give Himself over to whatever would happen. Even if it was His death. That’s what we try to remember in early September.