Why are we so slow?

When we sin, we know that God cares because we feel guilt. We feel God's displeasure - that's what our guilt really is. 

Well, why are we so slow to feel God's pleasure when we do good - when we go about doing His will?  What makes us so slow to feel His purring love when we offer our love to Him by doing the next good thing?

God understands perfectly when we do an act of love that seems to us so small that we have say to Him, "It's all I can do right now." When someone whom you love does something for you that you love, don't you feel like purring? Of course: you're made in God's image and likeness.

After all, God is creating our little time and cares about each instant of our doing infinitely - the same way He cares about a billion years of cosmic evolution.

It is the Father of Lies who has taught us to feel dread when we do bad and to feel nothing when we do good. We stand against the Father of Lies when we accept the good we do, the big and the little, is giving pleasure to our God who is love.