Dear friends, 

We have all been sifted by the pandemic – pulled, shaken, and challenged – and it is clear we are now part of a different world. This is a time to see new horizons, open doors and windows and move out beyond what was toward what is now and what will be. This is a time for pilgrimage.  

...because we are helping more people, we need more people to help ISI. 

Postponed until Sunday Jan 15 to Wednesday January 18, 2023 (due to surge of covid 19).
The Ignatian Spirituality Institute is delighted to announce a new upcoming retreat workshop - Our Way of Proceeding which will be offered at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House in Lake Dallas. Our purpose is to explore themes behind key words and phrases from the Jesuit “Way of Proceeding” that can easily be over-simplified or unexplored.


My hope is for ISI to be a place – or perhaps more accurately a space – for listening and learning, seeking, finding, getting lost, and finding our way again. I sense our Creator creating out of the chaos of daily living, yet I also get just as confused, concerned, and challenged as everyone else.

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