ISI retreats and days of reflection

Ignatius Guelf

Toward Greater Freedom: Retreat Information

Over 400 years ago, St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, went through a profound series of experiences that changed his life forever.  In his own way, he let God move more freely in his life and explicitly shape his will, mind, heart, and actions.  Ignatius felt moved to share those experiences with others, so he kept good notes on what helped and how. Those notes became The Spiritual Exercises, the heart of Ignatian spirituality, shared by Jesuits and lay persons the world over.  It is the source of the spirit that resides and motivates the Society of Jesus and the Ignatian Spirituality Institute.  The experience of the Spiritual Exercises is how we become men and women for others.

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Master Ignatius

Toward Greater Freedom in Waco

This retreat is full. Please consider the online opportunity. Toward Greater Freedom is an adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises developed and written by Fr. Anthony Borrow, S.J. The materials of Toward Greater Freedom provide structured and specific spiritual exercises which help you discover your own way to prayer and discernment. Learn more about the retreat on the retreat information page. This retreat begins in mid-September and will be offered in person at Christ Church in Waco.

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Come and See

Come and See Retreat for Women

It is pretty great when anyone invites you, when anyone welcomes you, when anyone acknowledges you, when anyone expresses an interest or desire to talk with you, to be with you. In the Gospel of John, Jesus invites us to ‘come and see.’ This is Jesus, inviting, welcoming, acknowledging, desiring you to come and see. It is an invitation to journey with Him.

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Being Beloved

Being the Beloved

A six week Ignatian retreat with daily prayer and weekly small group.

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