What is a retreat in every day life?

A retreat offers a special moment of grace where you choose to take time to pray and be available to the Lord. A retreat in every day life is specifically designed to be made within the busy-ness of your daily living. 

What does ignatian mean?

​Finding Christ in the World is a retreat which grows from the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola. An ignatian retreat means that the retreat offers a vision of life, love, and faith in relationship with a busy and active God. Ignatian also means that we have a way of proceeding through the retreat which helps unveil attitudes, customs, and values we may hold, or we may need to shed, to continue to grow and live in relationship with the Lord. And ignatian means that the retreat offers a spirituality for the marketplace---practical, applicable to now, and doable.

Why make a retreat in every day life?

Most retreats are made away from the daily routine. These times are important for your relationship with God. Yet, sometimes we are unable to get away and often enough those times are when we need the graces of a retreat the most. A retreat in every day life is made in the midst of the demands of living and loving.

Among the many graces of making a retreat in every day life is that your prayer and your living intersect in the now. What happens in your prayer impacts your life, and vice versa. The integration of the retreat experience happens more readily as you live each day within the context of the retreat prayer.

The retreat in every day life still requires a commitment to prayer. A decision that you will spend a little time each day tending your relationship with God. The retreat helps build a relationship with God that isn't separated from the demands of family, work, community, but is fostered in the midst of your other relationships. 

What do I do in this retreat?

The Finding Christ in the World retreat book provides all the scripture and materials you need to make the retreat. It will serve as your resource for prayer and notes.

​You will find a place and time to pray everyday for about thirty minutes as given in the retreat book. You will jot notes about what happens in your prayer. Once each week, you will meet with others who are also making the retreat for an hour or so. In the group meeting, you will explore what is happening in your prayer and how it is intersecting with your daily living. And you will listen with others who are making this journey with you.

​There will be a guide with each group to help facilitate discussion and sharing. The guide is a person who is an experienced pray-er and listens well to others. The guide will also have previous retreat experience which can be of help to you.  

How do I get this retreat for my parish or organization?

Finding Christ in the World retreat can be made in a parish, school, or book club, bible study group-- "Wherever two or more are gathered." We would be happy to explore with you how to bring Finding Christ in the World to your group. We can even help facilitate registration via this site with notification coming directly to you. For more information contact us at info@ignatianinstitute.org or by phone 940-268-8788