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Spiritual Formation deepens experience and understanding of a person’s relationship with God. ISI's spiritual companioning formation program is for mature adults invited by the Lord into our ministry. Our purpose is to encourage and help shape gifts already given by God. In our first ten years, ISI has been privileged to journey with fifty persons in four cohorts through thirty months of study, prayer, spiritual conversation, and formation exercises. These fifty now work in service to the Church helping others be aware of God’s action in their lives. 

 ISI recognizes the dynamics of spiritual life are growth or decline. We honor and enact  Ignatius’ instruction to ‘keep making progress’. Hence, beyond the spiritual formation program, ISI regularly presents workshops and practicums for persons in the ministry of Ignatian spiritual direction and guiding others in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. The Holy Spirit dynamically enables our workshops to have an international appeal in service to the people of God everywhere.